Цегельний завод "Керамбуд". Виробництво керамічної цегли та блоків. Якісна цегла від виробника!
  керамбуд крб
34, Tsvitna str.,
Halychany village, Lviv region
tel: +38 (03231) 31-031, +38 (03231) 32-255
e-mail: zbut@kerambud.net
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Cavity brick and ceramic stone are the prime production of Gorodoc”s brick-making plant “Kerambud”. This production is made according to the method of the plastic formation at the modern German equipment.

Name of productionї

Coefficient of translation at conditional brick

Rate (length*width*height) mm

Price UAH/thousand

Amount pieces on the tray

Ceramic cavity brick





Ceramic stone





The price of production includes MPD, cost of package and shipping on the truck by the truck loader or auto crane.

Working-day: Monday – Friday 9.00-18 a.m., dinner 13.00 – 14.00 a.m.; Saturday, Sunday – rest. Payment in cash are executed from 9.00 to 13.00 a.m.

Trays must be returned. The pignoration for one tray is 30 UAH. If the tray is returned, the pignoration will be returned. Trays from other plants do not change. Rate of the tray: width – 100 centimeters, length – 100 centimeters, height with the brick – 90.5 centimeters (depth – 12 centimeters, mass – 20 kg). Mass of one tray with bricks is 684 kg.

Також завод забезпечує завантаження залізничного транспорту на власній під’їзній залізничній колії.

All production of the plant is certificated in the system UkrSEPRO. Certificate № UA 1.021.0109118-5. It is possible to make bricks and stones of different format (according to DSTU BV, 2.7-61-97), if client will order. In future the plant plans make ceramic stone of big format. It uses for laying external supporting walls (490*248*249), inter-apartment barriers (300*248*249) and inter-room barriers (498*115*249).

P.S. Do not forget, that expenses on bricks is only 10% of cost of your building. Buy Ukrainian and qualitative!

Attention! If you have building directed site (building goods, building services), we suggest to change notes or banners. We are waiting for your letters: zbut@kerambud.net