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34, Tsvitna str.,
Halychany village, Lviv region
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Високотехнологічне повністю автоматизоване сучасне німецьке обладнання забезпечує надзвичайно високу якість цегли

Long-time ripening the charge mixture in the largest in Europe depository promoted completion of all processes maturing of the clay.

Clay is given for further steaming

High plasticity homogenous mass is given for formation of the bar.

After intensive steaming brick bars are directed under the press to be formatted. )

Bars are being cut by the high-technology equipment of Swiss firm "Freymatic"

Cutting brick is being formatted in groups (each consists of 24 pieces) and transported to drying.

Automatic load lifts put bricks on the larries for further drying,

Dry brick (damp is less then 1%) is formatted for further heat.

Automatic charger puts dry brick on the fumace larries

Automatic transport units give fumace larries with dry brick to the stove.

Burning of the brick is made in stove. Its length is 130 meters. Temperature of burning of brick is 980 degrees.

Discharge ready-made brick by automatic unit to the pockets. There are 340 pieces in each pocket.

Pockets with brick put on wood tray automatically. Rate of each tray is 1000*1000*120 mm.

For provision long-term safekeeping of production on the open air and for the reliable transportation each tray is sealed in film.

tel: +38 (03231) 31-031, +38 (03231) 32-255
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