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  керамбуд крб
34, Tsvitna str.,
Halychany village, Lviv region
tel: +38 (03231) 31-031, +38 (03231) 32-255
e-mail: zbut@kerambud.net
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Opportunities of shipping
  • Track loader. The load of the truck make with help of the track loader. It is capable put two trays with bricks on car body simultaneously. Maximal continuance of the shipping is 10-15 minutes. Trucks without open ledges are loaded by the auto crane.
  • Rail track. Access rail track have been constructed to the plant. Shipping of the half of carriage with the packaged in term-insulated film and polypropylene strip on the pallet bricks is made by the frame crane and auto crane.

High-quality ceramic cavity bricks are packaged on the trays in amount of 340 pieces. It is protected from the hurt with the term-insulated film. Rate of the tray is: width – 100 centimeters; length – 100 centimeters; height with the brick – 90.5 centimeters. The depth of the tray is 12 centimeters, mass – 20 kg. 26 pieces of the trays (17940 tons and 8840 pieces of the bricks) are transported by the semi-trailer.

tel: +38 (03231) 31-031, +38 (03231) 32-255
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