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Ceramic cavity bricks uses for building outward walls with needs of their higher heat insulated and for building internal walls and partitions. It does not wanted to use cavity brick laying of fundaments, plinths, chimneys, stoves and the walls of the rooms with damp regime of exploitation. Cavity brick is unique material with the high level of safety and comfort as for habitable as for industrial buildings. Ceramic stones are made with corrugated surface what helps to put plaster easy, quickly and economical. For 1 m2 is used less plaster then for the wall made from usual brick. Rate of the stone is more then brick in 2.12 times. It assists increase labor productivity of blocking walls and reduces a number of the seams. Stone is more strength then brick (stone: M-200; brick: M-125). As stone has lower heat conduction and less density then brick so thickness of the walls, made from cavity stones reduces by 20-25%, mass of 1 m. of the wall reduces almost by 50%. As for reducing hit of solution into the cells of cavity stones or bricks so for increasing of thermal resistance of the walls the laying of walls should make with the help of ductile grouts.


tel: +38 (03231) 31-031, +38 (03231) 32-255
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